Look who's behind uprising in Orlando

“You’re not going to believe … the evidence … that links this movement with a key Muslim individual who’s associated with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. This individual has assumed a leadership [role] if [he is] not the leader of this movement in Orlando.” Tom Trento explains on the video.

A lawyer linked through the Council on American Islamic Relations to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood has been identified as the driving force behind the Occupy Orlando protests that have been staged in Johnson Park, according to a video report from Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council and The United West.

The report from the organization that “educates and activates freedom minded people” to strategize the propagation of the exceptionalism of Western civilization over “the totalitarian choke-hold of Shariah Islam” explains that the same attorney who represented the Islam-bent parents in the famous Rifqa Bary dispute obtained the permit for the Occupy Orlando event and was on scene giving directions.

The “Muslim activist lawyer” was identified as Shayan Elahi, who was the losing counsel for the parents of Rifqa Bary in a custody dispute that developed in Florida.


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