Six white officers sue Metropolitan Police for 'racism'

Six white officers who claim to be victims of ‘political correctness’ are suing the Metropolitan Police for alleged racism.

PC Mark Jones and his colleagues want compensation for what they see as victimisation

The men are taking the Met force to an employment tribunal in protest at being prosecuted over race-related charges.

PC Mark Jones was accused of assaulting a teenager and his colleague was accused of threatening behaviour, while the remaining other four officers were said to have helped in the cover-up.

Mr William Wilson, the sergeant who led the team and was also accused but is now retired, spoke to the BBC.

He said: ‘I feel nothing more than contempt [for the Met]. I feel very angry, very upset about the way I’ve been dealt with.

‘I retired after thirty years and wasn’t spoken to by anybody in any senior position.

‘It makes you feel pretty worthless. I don’t know why I did the thirty years. I could not recommend it as a career to anybody.’


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