Buchanan's SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER: Opening The Eyes Of Uninformed Patriots

Pat Buchanan also comments aphoristically: “Either the Republican Party puts an end to mass immigration, or mass immigration will put an end to the Republican Party.”

Pat Buchanan’s new book Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? makes a comprehensive case about why America is in deep trouble, but the bulk of the book deals with what VDARE.com and Buchanan both refer to as the “National Question.” Thus Buchanan devotes one chapter to economics, two chapters to religion, and one to foreign policy. But no less than six chapters, comprising 243 pages, are devoted to the issue of race, immigration, and multiculturalism.


Buchanan opens up his chapter “The End of White America” discussing the writings of Gilded Age prophets of white gloom Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard in Gilded Age classics like The Passing of the Great Race and The Rising Tide of Color. As a pro-life Catholic, he has no use for their views on birth control and eugenics, but he acknowledges that Stoddard in particular was “somewhat of a prophet.”

What Stoddard and Grant feared, the American Left now embraces. By 2042, Whites are projected to be a minority in this country. Buchanan quotes CNN’s Soledad O’Brien after the 2008 election: “The face of America is changing. And that face doesn’t look like Joe the Plumber.” Reacting in “excitement” to the fact that the non-white population growth from 2000-2010 was even larger than expected, the head of the Census Bureau Robert Groves said “This is the decade of Tiger Woods and Barack Obama.” Larry King gleefully reported that his son wished he was not white.


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