Radicals for the System

It needs to be said that the leftists are protesting the world that they created. Agitating for more of the same won’t do anything for us.

The great strength of the Left is that it constitutes both the system and the only permissible alternative. This country, and the West, is governed by the power of international finance and the unholy conglomerate of big business and big government controlled by those hostile to us. Together they undermine national sovereignty, fund the destruction of traditional values, bankroll the hard Left, hollow out the conservative movement into a pointless defense of corruption and privilege, and push open borders and the dispossession of our people. They are the enemy of any real conservatism and the small business owners and workers that make up any real right wing movement. Yet incredibly, once again, we find ourselves in a situation where the Left has co-opted the call for change, even in a society where they hold all the levers of power. Also, on cue, the American Right (such as it is) is rallying to defend the status quo, to argue in defense of the kleptocrats that are destroying them.

We’ve been here before. During the Vietnam War, a group of construction workers (back when Americans used to be able to obtain such jobs) fought with a large group of anti-Vietnam War protesters on Wall Street. The workers were wearing hard hats, and the construction helmet became a symbol of the New Right coalition that elected President Nixon, and later Reagan. One of the signs among the workers said, “God bless the establishment,” communicating an entirely justified fury at privileged protesters who scorned their own country and spat on the values that made the nation great. Of course, the “establishment” was hardly conservative. Richard Nixon was far from the far right mad genius we see in popular culture. He pushed through affirmative action, Section 8 housing, wage and price controls, the removal of the gold standard, and more lawsuits and regulation from the civil rights bureaucracy in the executive department. Not only did he not oppose the far reaching agenda of cultural transformation from the extreme Left, he actually worked to solidify it. However, because the “radicals” hated him, the silent majority rallied to him. Even as radicals complained from their tenured positions in the universities about the country’s swing to the Right, the left wing radicals became the establishment and created the kind of society we have today. Ultimately, the responsibility for this has to be laid at the feet of the American Right.


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