Dmitry Rogozin returns to domestic politics

“As a Russian, as a politician, and as a patriot, I am confident that there is a way!” he said, emphasizing each phrase. First, it involves “equal rights for Russians and justice for all”. Second, the rejection of false multiculturalism and phony tolerance.” ­Russia’s permanent envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin

Dmitry Rogozin

Russia’s permanent envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has made a comeback to domestic politics at the Global Policy Forum in Yaroslavl. Dmitry Rogozin’s presentation was held during the sub-forum titled “Global Security and Local Conflicts”. The sub-forum included speakers such as the head of the Institute of Contemporary Development, Igor Jurgens, the chairman of the Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Mikhail Margelov, former NATO secretary-general George Robertson, and former foreign affairs minister Igor Ivanov.

“A return from exile to NATO” said experts in anticipation of Rogozin’s speech. Russia’s permanent envoy to NATO did not disappoint their expectations.

He acknowledged that the reason for the failure of multiculturalism in Europe is a result of the reaction to the European Nazism and fascism, which is “another extreme”. It has not been beneficial: Europe’s Muslims are stronger religiously and have more solidarity than the native population. They stay true to their roots, forming ethnic enclaves. At the same time, according to Rogozin, tolerance and multiculturalism in Europe do not promote the integration of foreigners, but create “a fifth column of the South”, which is not averse to “blowing up the infidel West from within”.


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