Cruz Finds Child-Sized Wristbands At Border, Unveils Cartel Scheme Enabled By Biden

Cruz also demanded to know where Democratic lawmakers were and why they had not bothered to take trips to the border themselves to see what was really going on.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has been angrily denouncing President Joe Biden’s lax immigration enforcement policies for more than a year, but a recent finding along his state’s border with Mexico has caused him further outrage.

In a video posted online, Cruz offered a chilling explanation for a series of colored wristbands he had found that were placed on the arms of illegal immigrants.

Cruz had made a midnight visit to the border last week along the Rio Grande to see for himself whether any progress has been made in the ongoing migrant crisis that he blames on Biden’s policies and to which Vice President Kamala Harris was assigned by the president to deal with.


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