Woke Oberlin College Faces $4M in Interest After Refusing to Pay Damages to Bakery It Slandered

Oberlin College is facing $4 million in interest charges after refusing to pay $33 million in court-ordered defamation damages to a mom-and-pop bakery that it slandered as racist.

Gibson’s Bakery is reportedly struggling to survive after Oberlin College students and dean of students Meredith Raimondo falsely accused the business of racism.

Moreover, students are continuing to boycott the 137 year-old bakery, despite the allegations being proven false.

To make matters worse, the woke Ohio college is not paying its court-ordered damage to Gibson’s Bakery.

Now, Oberlin College faces paying $4 million in interest on top of what the school already owes, according to a report by Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, three judges on the Ninth District Court of Appeals issued a 3-0 decision upholding the 2019 ruling in the case. The award is the largest defamation verdict in Ohio history.


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