‘If you value your life…shut the f*** up’: CRAZY MAD TikToker threatens white women over Roe reversal

‘This is what happens when social media gives people who used to take classes in the basement and wear a helmet a platform’

On the latest episode of “Fearless,” BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock and contributor Shemeka Michelle try to make sense of a very angry TikToker’s racist rant about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“So, we all see what has happened with this Roe v. Wade situation. We already knew this was how it was going to go down,” said the blue-lipped TikToker and self-described “Priestess Warrior.”

“Dear white women, listen. Your only play in this, if you value your life, is to shut the f*** up!” she continued. “Listen exclusively to black, brown, and indigenous women, femmes, and non-men. Throw every resource you have, and use your privilege to back us in every way. You are a big reason why we are in this mess. … The freedoms we have now are because of our fight and struggle. And the reason why those freedoms are being taken away is because of you and yours.


Complete text linked here.

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