AFL Releases Documents Conclusively Proving Critical Race Theory Indoctrination Is Being Used In Public Schools

“This should forever end all debate. Our innocent children are being viciously indoctrinated with CRT by marxist radicals. This lawless, extremist, poisonous bigotry must be defeated.”

Today, America First Legal released 166 pages of documents proving that school district bureaucrats and a cadre of taxpayer-funded “consultants” are using Critical Race Theory to “transform” public education and indoctrinate American children. 

America First Legal, working with Wally Zimolong of Zimolong LLC, sued the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District in Chester County, PA on behalf of Ben Auslander, a father who exercised his right to review the materials that the District was using to “educate” children in the District. The District had hired the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a California-based education consultant that claims “Systemic Racism is the most devastating factor contributing to the diminished capacity of all children” to run teacher training and shape the curriculum. 

But when the time came for Mr. Auslander to see what the District and PEG were up to, the District told him he could not make notes, photocopy, or take pictures of PEG’s presentations. Mr. Auslander tried to take voice notes on his phone, but to hide the truth, the District terminated the inspection and threw him out, claiming that PEG had asserted copyright protections on its training materials.


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