A strategic overview of things that work against Woke Marxism once you understand that it’s an infiltrating and parasitic attack on a society by James Lindsay

You need to understand what feeds it, where it’s strong, what cuts it down, and what consumes it and hit all of these angles.

Woke Marxism must be fed to operate. It cannot feed itself because it doesn’t produce. Therefore, its sources of nourishment have to be cut off. These include funding streams, accumulated resources, and manipulations of your capital for its ends.

Wherever possible, remove funding and public moral/cultural support for Woke Marxist initiatives. Don’t find DEI, refuse consultancy shakedowns, refuse to support their initiatives, don’t say they have best intentions even when the idiots implementing it for them might.

Take back accumulated resources. This is mostly accomplished by suing them, targeted capital hits like against Disney, etc. Stop donating to universities. Pull kids out of schools. Refuse tainted federal, state, and corporate money. Dig your own wells and stop watering with Woke.


Complete text linked here.

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