Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James Named on Rittenhouse’s ‘List’ For Defamation Lawsuits

“Let’s just use for an example what Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg said about [Rittenhouse]. They said that he was involved in a mass murder incident,” McMurtry explained.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team just received a new addition — Todd McMurtry.

McMurtry is the attorney of former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann who successfully sued CNN, NBC and others for an undisclosed amount.

McMurtry confirmed that he will lead the effort in deciding who Rittenhouse will file lawsuits against for publicly defaming him during his trial.

McMurtry said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is at the “top” of the “list” because Facebook allegedly labeled the Kenosha shootings as a “mass murder” event, which McMurtry said is “factually false.” Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder charges because a jury found he acted in self-defense.


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