The Progressive Threat

A new Freedom Center pamphlet by David Horowitz exposes the enemy within.

The Progressive Threat.

An Outlaw Mentality

Everyone in Washington understands the basic causes of inflation. If you print more money than you can back up with real assets like gold, you devalue your currency and make everything cost more. If you declare war on fossil fuels, shut down pipelines, close vast oil fields like ANWR, and don’t approve drilling licenses generally, you cause the price of everything to go up, because virtually everything requires energy to produce. If you spend vast amounts of government money inducing individuals not to work, employers will raise wages to entice them to work, and that, too, will cause prices to go up.[1]  It’s not rocket science.

Despite understanding these consequences, the Biden progressives have instituted all these inflationary measures, and avoided taking responsibility for them and the suffering they cause. They did this to advance their progressive agenda, which is really a reactionary agenda that has not changed its fundamental premises since 1848, when Marx published what is, and has always been, the basic blueprint for progressive schemes.


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