Cultural Backlash Against Truth, and Pawns in Political Games, with Glenn Loury and Rob Montz (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Glenn Loury, Brown University economist, and Rob Montz, filmmaker and Good Kid Productions CEO, to talk about the push to find “pawns in a political game” after the horrific Buffalo tragedy, Roland Fryer’s history and the story of his rise and alarming and unfair fall, Fryer’s research about the true Black experience, cultural backlash against the truth, what Fryer found about how to help improve educational results in Black communities, the truth about police shooting unarmed Black men, the bizarre #MeToo claims against Fryer and when they originated, the extreme punishment against Fryer, the cowardice on college campuses, affirmative action, the cultural push to claim Kanye West is “crazy” instead of engaging with his ideas, the “spiral of silence” when it comes to certain crimes of the wrong narrative, the racial reckoning failing certain minority groups in America, and more.

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