Is Violence the Secret Sauce?

Professors are ill-suited to battle those who play by the rules of physical prowess, and the university by its very nature is powerless against violence-prone outsiders. The days when colleges and universities recruited only the well-socialized are long gone.

When future historians examine the Left’s capture of the academy, a key question will be “Why was it so easy?” And why so quickly, from top to bottom, even at the most prestigious schools, where, most oddly, resistance was almost non-existent? No military historian could find a parallel in which an invading army prevailed similarly unchallenged.

These future historians will, no doubt, provide multiple answers for this collapse, but let me offer one factor that they might overlook—physical fear. To be blunt, at first sight of the enemy, those administering our citadels of learning threw down their weapons and fled. “Collaborator” is not too strong of a word to describe the academics who suddenly decided that defending Western Civilization entailed believing that every undergraduate, no matter how intellectually “challenged,” possessed their own truth, which was inherently worthy of respect.


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