Five professors tell how they were canceled — and why they fought back

“It was just a constant stream of claims that I’m microaggressing people, complaints coming out of nowhere. It was like Chinese water torture.”

Professors increasingly face retribution for voicing contrary opinions on college campuses.Since 2015, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has recorded a staggering 591 instances of retaliation toward college faculty members for expressing their ideas.

In 2020, FIRE recorded 136 instances of punishing or firing professors for airing their views — a fourfold increase over just five years. In 2021, 111 were targeted.

“2020 was the worst year for sanction attempts, but it created a ‘new normal,’” FIRE research fellow Komi Frey told The Post. “Already there have been 35 attempts in 2022. At this rate, 2022 will exceed not only 2021, but 2020 as well.”

But some professors are speaking out against cancel culture. Here are five, of diverse backgrounds and ideologies, who are refusing to bow to the mob.


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