GOP Rep. Meuser: Any Lawmaker that Doesn’t Speak Out Against Lifting Title 42 ‘Literally Will Have Blood on Their Hands’ (Video)

“As well, I asked him where is the war on the drug cartels, and, frankly, he made a note and wrote it down. So, this perhaps is the Biden administration’s worst catastrophe. They will make it worse by lifting Title 42. And again, any member of Congress that doesn’t strongly oppose this has responsibility for the awful outcomes.”

During a Thursday appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) slammed any of his colleagues who refused to speak out against the upcoming lifting of Title 42.

According to Meuser, any Democrat or GOP member of Congress who doesn’t speak out “literally will have blood on their hands.” He urged for the continuance of Title 42 because the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border amid the ongoing crisis “will triple, if not quadruple.”

“You know, they’re so out of touch,” Meuser said of the Biden administration. “The idea that any Democrat that does not speak out — or any member of Congress, for that matter — against the lifting of Title 42 literally will have blood on their hands. This must be extended. It must be continued. We have fentanyl deaths being caused by the number of illegal immigrants coming in, and that will triple, if not quadruple if this gets lifted. And that’s not conjecture. Any Democrat or Republican who has been to the border has heard the CBP tell you exactly that — that the number of illegals coming in will triple with the lifting of Title 42, and that means the drugs as well.”


Complete text and video linked here.

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