Twitter Rejects Musk Offer, So DeSantis and Musk Team Up to Make Twitter an Offer It Can’t Refuse

If Musk was some crazed leftist hell-bent on censoring more right-wing narratives, would Twitter be rejecting his proposal? Of course not.

Wildly popular Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and self-made billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk are teaming up to take on one of the world’s most powerful social media platforms.

Musk’s recently announced he would be attempting to purchase 100 percent of Twitter in a bid to create a true free-speech platform. Musk offered to buy Twitter in its entirety at $54.20 per share, a 54 percent premium on the shares’ actual value. Twitter’s board of directors — which has led the company to adopt numerous left-wing-biased censorship policies — has fought back by initiating a “poison pill,” a method of diluting Musk’s shares in order to weaken his current standing.

Recent yet-to-be-confirmed reporting indicates that Musk is about to launch a countermove by teaming up with various additional investors. As it turns out, however, Musk already has allies in ownership. The state of Florida is a shareholder in the company through the state’s pension fund, and DeSantis is currently looking into what actions he can take to thwart the Twitter board’s “poison pill” effort.


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