Baltimore parents sue city after student graduates high school not being able to read; shocking number of students have failing GPAs

In a recent interview with the Daily Signal, the Pattersons said, “There’s really no other recourse a citizen in Baltimore could take. We don’t elect our school board, so there’s no way we could both be appointed members of the school board. There’s nothing that people can really do outside of a lawsuit to affect change or request access into the inner workings of what’s going on in Baltimore.”

Two parents in Baltimore, Maryland, have filed a lawsuit against their city and its school district in response to shocking reports about the progressive city’s abject failure to educate children.

Earlier this year, local news outlet WBFF-TV highlighted the story of a woman who graduated from the Baltimore City Public Schools system without being able to read. The outlet also found a whopping 77% of high schoolers at one area high school were reading at an elementary level. Another report discovered that in the past year, 41% of BCPS high school students earned below a 1.0 grade point average.

“This is terrible,” Jovani Patterson said at the time after hearing about the reports. “This is just further perpetuating a cycle of poverty, of despair.”


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