Inside The Fentanyl Crisis | Ten Dollar Death Trip | Documentary Central (Video)

A new synthetic dr*g is killing more than gun crime, homicide and car accidents combined. 100 times stronger than he*oin, the deadly opi*id fentanyl is cheap, potent and small enough to send in the post (from China via the dark web). These market forces have seen it replacing the he*oin supply, spreading unprecedented death, destruction and misery. And now, due to its strength and low cost, the dr*g is also starting to appear in party drugs, such as c*caine and c*nnabis – with fatal results. We visit the epicentre of the fentanyl epidemic to meet with health care workers, activists, fentanyl dealers and people who use it, and learn what we should expect if the fentanyl epidemic spreads outside of North America.

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