Never Enough: Woke Google Sued by Black Employees for ‘Racism’

Despite its status as one of the wokest companies in the world, including maintaining an official program to inject critical race theory into the field of programming, tech giant Google is facing a major lawsuit alleging it discriminates against black employees.

Even among the far-left tech giants of Silicon Valley, Google has a reputation for wokeness. The company invited Robin DiAngelo to give a talk on “white fragility” years before her presence became commonplace in corporate boardrooms. Its managers gave employees instruction manuals on recognizing “white dominant culture.” It maintains an entire program dedicated to “machine learning fairness,” the new academic disclipine attempting to blend critical race theory with computer science. And documents released through James Damore’s class-action lawsuit in 2018 revealed an atmosphere of unchecked, rampant hostility towards white males within the company.

As a whistleblower told Breitbart News in 2017, senior leaders at Google “focus on diversity first and technology second.”

Even with this track record, it appears Google cannot escape the litigious machine of Diversity Inc. The tech giant is now being sued by a black female employee who alleges that the company engaged in “systemic racism” against her. Employee April Curley is represented by notorious attorney Ben Crump.


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