Former DNI Chief: FBI ‘For Sure’ Committed Crimes During Trump-Russia Probe

The former diplomat and DNI also said that misconduct on the part of the FBI, which was first revealed in a Justice Department inspector general report in 2019, should be looked at in the context of a much larger, and growing, trend among government agencies and the media betraying the trust of Americans.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and interim director of national intelligence Ric Grenell expressed confidence that some FBI agents and officials violated U.S. laws during the bureau’s investigation of alleged ‘collusion’ between his former boss, then-President Donald Trump, and Russia in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

In an interview with the “John Solomon Reports” podcast on Wednesday, Grenell said he was “for sure” crimes were committed because he says he’s seen the evidence.

He also said there was every reason for FBI officials to know that the so-called evidence of collusion was faulty or false but they proceeded anyway, including misleading the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and Congress with lies and omissions.


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