Gab Announces ‘Parallel Economy Fund’ to Back Tech Startups Opposed to Silicon Valley Leftism

Free speech social media network Gab has announced the launch of a “Parallel Economy Fund” to back tech startups and other ventures that reject the surveillance economy and leftist values of the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.

Gab announced in a recent blog post that the company is furthering its efforts to create a parallel economy to offer people a choice to engage with tech companies that share their values. Gab is putting its money where its mouth is in response to the argument that if conservatives don’t like the censorship and snooping of the overwhelmingly leftist Big Tech companies, they should build an alternative.

Until recently, there have been very few alt-tech companies with conservative-friendly values. Gab itself has previously been blacklisted by its own web host and payment processors but has since built its own infrastructure in order to operate without fear of censorship.

Now, Gab has launched the Parallel Economy Fund to back early-stage conservative startup firms in the technology, media, healthcare, and finance sectors. Gab outlined the areas that which it is currently interested in investing:


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