Speaking Freely and Kaepernick Truth, with Michele Tafoya, Plus Hillary Spying on Trump And More (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Michele Tafoya, former NBC NFL sideline reporter, for an exclusive interview as she leaves NBC after the Super Bowl, on her career in sports, what she’s doing next as she begins to speak freely on her political positions and her love of America, her support for GOP Minnesota governor candidate Kendall Qualls, her famous appearance on The View, what Tafoya knows about Colin Kaepernick’s attempt to get back into the NFL, maskless celebrities and politicians at the Super Bowl, the importance of family, and more. Then Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution joins to discuss the latest revelations about the Durham investigation, Trump’s claims about Russia and spying versus what we know now, the truth about our “elites,” the rise in crime (particularly against Asian women) in America, and more.

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