He Don’t Lie: Eric Clapton Makes Quite the Statement About Vaxxed People

Clapton went on to describe his new-found awareness. “Then I remembered seeing little things on YouTube which were like subliminal advertising. It had been going on for a long time: that thing about ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy.’ And I thought, ‘What’s that mean?’ And bit by bit, I put a rough kind of jigsaw puzzle together. And that made me even more resolute,” Clapton said.

Legendary rocker Eric Clapton has been a staunch COVID-19 anti-vaxxer since his frightening experience with the AstraZeneca vaccine last year, which he called “disastrous.”

Since then he has recorded a couple of anti-COVID-restrictions songs, earning the ire of many faithful COVIDians. But now, new comments he’s made about those who have chosen to get vaccinated are likely to cause an even bigger stir, as he has suggested that anyone who’s been vaccinated against COVID is a victim of “mass formation hypnosis.”

“Whatever the memo was, it hadn’t reached me,” the rocker said in an interview with The Real Music Observer. “Then I started to realize there was really a memo, and a guy, Mattias Desmet [professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium], talked about it. And it’s great. The theory of mass formation hypnosis. And I could see it then. Once I kind of started to look for it, I saw it everywhere.”


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