Hollywood’s Sinking Ship Sends F-List Actors Flocking to Anti-American Chinese Propaganda Films

The rapid decline of Hollywood’s share of the Chinese film market – the largest in the world as of 2020, when the Chinese coronavirus pandemic shut American cinemas and productions down – has created a small but growing market of Western actors landing big roles as the villains in communist propaganda movies.

Hollywood studios have spent much of the past decade attempting to court Chinese audiences, which necessitates groveling to the Chinese Communist Party lest their productions get censored or simply outlawed in the country. The American entertainment establishment has tried everything – from spending heavily on low-intellect and inoffensive comic book movies to erasing even a suspected mention of ethnic groups the Communist Party hates, like the Taiwanese or Tibetans.

Disney filmed Mulan in a region dotted with concentration camps and thanked the police officers committing the genocide almost within sight of its cameras.


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