Hate crime hoaxes of 2021: Black student fakes vandalism but she’s not the only liar

The year was filled with hate crime hoaxes, overreactions and evidence-free accusations

Today, The College Fix will reveal to you the secret to exposing hoaxes: request the police report.

This year, The Fix has identified 11 confirmed hoaxes, six likely hoaxes and six situations we might call “overreactions” that occurred at a high school, college or involved a professor. Oftentimes, simply requesting the police report revealed the truth.

All examples but two relate to sexuality, race or religion. One example is about a fraternity falsely accused of requiring pledges to rape someone and another is about a professor who said she was sent a dog muzzle because of her promotion of COVID-19 vaccines.

Some are better considered as bias incidents — allegedly offensive comments or drawings that  are likely legally protected under the First Amendment.


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