Salon Warns Of ‘White Menaces To Society’

The fact that white people are free to riot will no doubt come as a surprise to the more than 80 people who have been arrested in the course of the Keene police investigation.

Liberal news outlet Salon has done it again, with a piece warning readers of “white menaces to society,” and in particular, their “license to kill.”

Rutgers professor Brittany Cooper argues this in her most recent piece, “White menaces to society: Keene State and the danger of young drunk white men.” The professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies was last seen claiming the crimes of half-Asian Elliot Rodgers were the result of “white guy killer syndrome“.

After a recent drunken riot at a pumpkin festival attended by students at Keene State University, Cooper got to the real problem leading to the riot: all those white people. “These violent white college kids were so unruly that the police had to come in riot gear and bring out tear gas, to quell the riots. One white female student reported feeling very unsafe. Why are these white kids so mad that they are terrorizing residents and destroying property? Should we be concerned about the fact that they seemed to really enjoy it? Is that sociopathic?”

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