This is the “Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Recent Memory” (Videos)

Good for the Connecticut gun owners. They’re not sitting idly by while the government illegally confiscates their weapons which they have both a moral and constitutional right to own. This kind of tyrannical power grab should be met with the kind of peaceful civil disobedience that others have used in the face of injustice.

The message from Connecticut gun owners to the state government and the police is loud and clear: “I will not comply.”

When the state passed strong new gun control laws that included the registration of any gun that even approached military grade, gun owners made it clear that if law enforcement wanted the guns, they’d have to come and get them.

Potentially hundreds of thousands of gun owners are not in compliance with the new law. Those who failed to register their weapons by a certain date now own illegal guns and have committed a felony. If you’ll remember from one of our earlier posts, the state has only received about 50,000 applications, and there are an estimated 350,000+ assault rifles in Connecticut. This puts potentially hundreds of thousands of gun owners in direct violation of the law.


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