Foreign language driving tests to be banned after soaring accident rates by motorists who can't read road signs

“I find it incredible that Labour thought it was a good idea to let people without a basis grasp of English loose on our roads.” Transport minister Mike Penning

Transport minister Mike Penning

Ministers are drawing up plans to ban people from taking their driving test in a foreign language following claims many motorists cannot read traffic signs.

Transport officials say ‘political correctness’ means that many motorists are being granted UK licences, even though they do not have a basic grasp of English.

Every year around 90,000 theory tests – including bus driver tests – are taken in a foreign language, with the taxpayer footing the translation bill.

The theory tests can be taken in 19 different languages, including Urdu, Polish and Albanian, and candidates are also allowed to sit the practical test with the help of a translator, although the cost of hiring a translator must be met by the motorists themselves.


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