Call To Cotton Arms: Come Out Of The GOP Closet

To raise the consciousness of America to a greater moral standard we must begin to make films about true heroes. If we creative members of the GOP don’t do something now for proven heroes, not only will they be forgotten by the young, we will be forced to sit through a hundred years of glowing President Barack Hussein Obama films no matter what he does, or doesn’t do.

This Cuban is sick and tired of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. (That’s right, let’s use everyone’s full name from now on.) I hear there’s a new movie out about this A-hole, and it’s four hours long. Tell you what, wouldn’t give it four minutes of my time. When is Hollywood going to get over its self-hatred identity and its glorification of murderers and start making films about the American Heroes of our past, and about the ones currently in the desert today?

My father is spinning in his grave.

After having been raised in a Cuban military orphanage, my father fled Cuba for the USA because he had bigger dreams. Once here, the first thing he did was report to immigration the way they used to on Ellis Island and asked what he needed to do to become a US citizen. He then quickly mastered the English language, got a job, passed the US citizen test, married my mother and flourished in this country by starting his own business – something Castro and Che would have never let him do. My father never said he was a Cuban, or a Cuban American. He was simply an American. He was old school.

My father was tough; imagine Charles Bronson’s face in “Death Wish,” with Al Pacino’s voice from “Scarface.” I once witnessed a pit bull sink its teeth into the old man’s ankle. He then proceeded to pummel the dog and bite it right back, after he finished his can of beer.


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