How Multiculturalism Failed Europe

After a 40-year test, country after country is giving the policy of multiculturalism a failing grade. Can the United States learn from other nations’ mistakes?

Politicians from Paris to Perth have proclaimed their nations’ ‘multicultural’ immigration policies to be “a failure” as newspaper headlines detail violence, isolation, poverty and rising welfare costs in their countries.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently urged their nations to abandon the multicultural model that encourages immigrants to continue cultivating their native identites in countries where they’re often at odds with long-standing ideological foundations.

“We worry too much about the identities of those who’ve arrived here, rather than about the identity of the very country taking them in,” Sarkozy proclaimed.

German newspapers detail so-called “No Go areas” and the French government has identified “sensitive urban zones,” immigrant neighborhoods not considered safe for whites and non-Muslims. The German newspaper Bild reports that even police fear responding to calls in No Go areas, citing a 60-percent increase in violent assaults against against officers there between 2005 and 2009. …

Multiculturalism–sometime called cultural Marxism–is credited with creating tragedy on both sides.


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