Political correctness continues to stifle debate on multiculturalism

A Soviet style panel of censorship, promoting political correctness built on the sensitivities of a few immigrant minorities.

Woman wearing Burkhas in multicultural Tower Hamlets, where Muslim women who do not cover their faces have experienced abuse and death threats

Not so long ago I accepted a post for teaching law at one of Britain’s prestigious Universities. On my first hour of arriving I was taken in to meet the Head of Department.

I was told that a student had made a complaint about my appointment, and that the complaint was being investigated. The complaint related to some things I had said in a recent by-election.

I was a little taken aback, not so much because there was a complaint but because it warranted an investigation that would unnecessarily use up taxpayers’ money.

This was also a concern from the perspective of the important right to freedom of speech. We were here, after all, talking about matters spoken during an election campaign, which ought not in a democracy, be subject to censure.


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