Obama's Hope Turns to Violent Envy

But violence has already started to erupt. Though the media have mostly ignored them, flash mobs of poor, minority kids have besieged cities across the country.

In three years, Barack Obama has morphed from the Herald of Hope to the Envoy of Envy.

The President has always been an eager class warrior. But he has now taken things to a new level, making the politics of envy and resentment the signature theme of his reelection campaign.

Last week President Obama insisted, “It’s not class warfare, it’s math” in defending his new deficit-reduction plan that relies on raising taxes on the wealthy. But Obama’s base has given him permission to wage class warfare. As Robert Kuttner, editor of the American Prospect, wrote in Politico last week, “There’s nothing wrong with class politics when you are speaking for 90% of Americans …”

Obama’s soak-the-rich policy is founded on his conception of “fairness.” The rich, he insists, must pay their “fair share.”


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