'Glee' Trumped by 'The Lion King' and Rated G?

Just to ensure that the non-“Glee”-watching public doesn’t miss “Glee’s” political slant, Jane Lynch, hosting the Emmys, referred to the Tea Party as racist.

Jane Lynch

According to multiple media reports, the new season of Glee will feature Jane Lynch’s villainous Sue Sylvester running for Congress. Naturally and idiotically, her character will be parodied as a Tea Party member. I say naturally, because Hollywood is liberal. And I say idiotically, because huge swaths of the “Glee” audience identify with the Tea Party politically.

Britain’s The Telegraph reports, “The first episode sees her appear on TV news to endorse a favored policy of the Tea Party movement: the abolition of the National Endowment for the Arts …. Later in the same program, she suffers an indignity that befell Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich, two Republican presidential hopefuls: a ‘glitter bomb’ attack.”

Undoubtedly, the politics of homosexuality will also play into the campaign, since the creators of “Glee” shovel those politics into everything from bullying to religion.


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