American Con Job Act by Ted Nugent

What happens when this half-trillion-dollar fantasy doesn’t work? Will the president push for another half-trillion? At what point do we finally turn away from big-government blowhards and embrace those proven private-sector ideas that created the greatest quality of life in the history of the world?

The president is out and out campaigning for re-election while promoting his latest half-baked half-trillion-dollar “American Con Job Act,” which he says will generate jobs and jump-start the sluggish economy, which continues to slide south.

When I sat down to write this, there was no bill for Americans to read and digest. In my America, the president would have had the bill to present to Congress when he spoke to its members last week. What happened to all that transparency, Mr. President?

So now we are supposed to believe that another $500 billion plan will get the economy moving. Didn’t the president already push through a $1 trillion stimulus bill that was supposed to do the same thing?

This sad chapter in America is going down as the “Are you kidding me?” era. Are you kidding me?

The actual result of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill was the exact opposite of what the president said would happen. Unemployment rose, the stock market plunged, home values plummeted, and 2 million more homes are in foreclosure.

Are you kidding me?


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