Bulgarian Nationalists 'Ataka' Get Own TV Channel

Alfa TV, as named in the registration papers, has applied for a public operator with national coverage, 24-hour program and an informational and educational profile. The TV project of the nationalist party surfaced in the summer of 2010.

Bulgaria’s nationalist party “Ataka” (i.e. “Attack”) has received a permission to start its own TV channel.

Ataka’s television will be called Alpha TV, and will be launched at the end of September, the Ataka party announced Friday.

“Alpha will be the only political media in Bulgaria – its only equivalent exists in the UK with the British National Party,” the Bulgarian nationalist formation stated.

Ataka’s leader Volen Siderov will be the anchor of a talk show on Alpha TV, a role that he feels comfortable in from his years as a TV anchor on the Bulgarian cable TV SKAT before he and the SKAT owner Valeri Simeonov fell out in 2009. His new talk show will be called “Political Academy.”


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