Anti-British housing scandal in Salford

‘Houses in Salford, as in many other parts of the country, are hard to come by. There are far too many people and not enough houses, and now it seems some landlords are shutting certain ethnicities out,’ said Mr Tumulty.

Salford Council has admitted there is nothing it can do about racial discrimination by landlords when selecting tenants, after a local house was advertised for rent to Chinese students only.

The admission came after an advert for a six-bedroom terraced house in the Irwell Riverside ward of Salford, listed on The Property Place website, read, ‘CALLING ALL CHINESE STUDENTS-TWO ROOMS LEFT! […] This house is already tenanted by four chinese [sic] students and [there are] two rooms left available.’

‘It’s discrimination of the highest order,’ said Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty, who has stood for the Party in the ward.

‘Just think if a landlord wrote, “calling all white British”. Imagine the amount of fuss that would be made, not to mention all the names he would be called.’


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