9 teens arrested in connection with assault of couple in Dorchester (Video)

“There are gangs of young girls that are praying on other young people and residents,” Reverend Eugene Rivers, founder of the Boston Tenpoint Coalition said.

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A Boston Police bike patrol watched over the Four Corners section of Dorchester Tuesday after less than 24 hours earlier in the same spot, a couple waiting on a bus was beaten and robbed.

Iris Dupont caught the tail end of the senseless and random attack.

“I knew something was wrong, I called the police as I was driving by here,” she said.

As many as 15 teens were involved in the attack. The female victim told police she was kicked into a fence and struck in the face with a shoe. The man says he was surrounded and punched repeatedly, while the teens grabbed a phone, bank card, and other items.

“She came running into the store for help, and the store owners tried to lock the door to try to keep her from going out, but her husband was out here I heard,” Dupont said.

According to the police report, the out of control group consisted mostly of young girls between the ages of 13 and 16. One of the girls spit on police as they arrested her.


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