Witness to 9/11: In the Shadows of Ground Zero (2020) – Documentary

With never-before-seen footage, “Witness to 9/11” reveals in real time how New Yorkers struggled to make sense out of the panic, confusion, and fear gripping their city just beyond the veil of 9/11’s dust on the morning of the attacks.

User Reviews: Its 19 years ago, but i can still taste the feeling of despair of this incident. i live in norway , far away from ground zero, and was cleaning my car frontwindow, when my neighbour opened his window shouting ”theyre bombing new york” or in dialect norwegian ”hei dei bomba nyyork, dra deg inn å sjå på tv” at the top of his lungs.so that terminated my cleaning session, and set my 7 days to come either on the internet or in front of the tv,watching the norwegian state tv’s breaking news for all it was worth.

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