Who Is Gabriel Sherman? How the New System of Tax-Deductible Lefty Journalism Threatens All of Us (Part 2)

Who is Gabriel Sherman? Who is he, and what forces does he represent? Those are questions worth answering, because they speak to the tactics and methods of the left wing in America today.

In his too-brief life, Andrew Breitbart always emphasized the importance of understanding how the left operates–the better to combat it. So we at Breitbart News, who seek to carry on Andrew’s work, feel a continuing obligation to expose the left and its ever-evolving methods.

(Continued from Part I, here.)

Limbaugh, of course, never gives interviews to MSM liberals, and Drudge, as we have seen, also did not cooperate with Sherman. So if both Limbaugh and Drudge refused to cooperate, we might ask: On what basis did Sherman make his claim? What “pipe” could Sherman have been smoking?

One explanation is Sherman simply inferred the Limbaugh-Drudge connection. After all, from Sherman’s point of view, the article would appear more authoritative, and more persuasive to his liberal readers, if he could allege that Limbaugh and Drudge were part of the same “Axis of Secrecy.”

Meanwhile, Sherman moved on to new targets. In October 2010, he published an article in New York magazine, “Chasing Fox,” in which he attempted to chronicle the ins and outs of the three cable news channels. Yet even though Fox was the #1 channel at the time (it still is), Sherman’s focus was almost entirely on CNN and MSNBC. And why was that? For one simple reason–he had little or no cooperation from anyone at Fox, even as he scored interviews with top officials at the other cablers. Yet even so, Sherman managed to shift the focus to Fox; he blamed Fox for, as he put it, pushing American politics in an allegedly “cartoonish, desperate, loopy, egomaniacal” direction. (As if American politicians needed help from cable news to look “cartoonish, desperate, loopy, egomaniacal”!)


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