Website of the Week: American Children First

You sacrifice and work hard to give your child a better future — moving into the best school district you can afford. Yet, our politicians allow millions of illegal aliens into our country and we spend tens of billions of dollars each year educating foreigners while our education system deteriorates.

Feckless and corrupt politicians are robbing our children of their future.

Many Democrats pander to illegal aliens and the plight of refugees in the name of securing future votes for their party. Many Republicans do the bidding of big corporations and globalists in exchange for campaign cash.

At the state and local level you have public employee unions buying off elected officials with campaign contributions in return for lavish and excessive pensions guaranteed by the taxpayer.?

On one hand we have spent decades outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries willing to supply cheap labor. On the other we have spent decades importing millions of illegal aliens, refugees, and immigrants on visas to undercut the American worker on the jobs that remain. Then the middle and working class Americans still holding their head above water are asked to pay for an ever growing class of government employees.

Our children’s future is being stolen!

It is time to put our American children — the future of this great nation — first!


Click here to visit American Children First.

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