Was This Well-Known State Department Official Actually a Communist? (Video)

“The liberal establishment ignored all of the evidence … and instead called those going after him the real villains. ‘They were on a witch hunt!’” Beck remarked. “Respected historians today now agree Hiss was indeed a spy for the Soviet Union, [and] did a lot of damage.”

Glenn Beck on Thursday told one of the stories from his new book “Dreamers and Deceivers: True Stories of the Heroes and Villains Who Made America.”

“[It’s an] amazing history story, perfect for Halloween, one that you probably don’t know,” Beck began on his television program. “The pro-communist bias of our media and our education system has kept this one pretty quiet. It’s important that you know it, though, and I thought it was appropriate because of Halloween. It all happened in a pumpkin, believe it or not.”

Beck began telling the story of former State Department official Alger Hiss.

“How easy it is to get what one wants, with nothing other than a simple omission of a key fact or two,” Beck said. “That was one of the lessons a young Alger Hiss learned early on in his professional career, a career that made him a hero among the liberal establishment of the day. He was good looking. He was well dressed, well educated and well spoken. Hiss held several positions throughout the federal government and the State Department, which enabled him to create close relationships with Supreme Court justices and even the president of the United States.”


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