Van Susteren: Obama Will Say ‘War on Women’ But Not ‘War on ISIS’

Van Susteren just thought it looked “silly” and said, “When you start dropping bombs on them, that’s a war.”

Greta Van Susteren picked up on something she found baffling today: President Obama and the Democrats have no qualms about using the phrase “war on women,” but they are absolutely refusing to refer to current military action against ISIS as a “war.”

She pointed out, “The president won’t say that this is a war, yet during the campaign he said we had a ‘war on women,’ but he won’t say there’s a war on ISIS when they’re beheading Americans.”

Byron York said Obama might have a solid legal reason not to call it a war, because were he to say so, that would mean Congress would be required by law to vote for authorization, and the White House has already argued Obama has the authority to act unilaterally.

Video linked here at original source.

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