University hate crime report leaves out that 90 percent of NYC arrestees are black or Latino

University researcher provided the number after The Fix asked

California State University San Bernadino’s extremism research center published its latest report on hate crimes allegations, but it did not include the race or ethnicity of offenders.

However, a researcher on the project said that the primary suspected perpetrators in New York, which drove the increase in hate crimes, are black or Latino.

“The 2020 anti-Asian hate crime numbers in New York with respect to perpetrators are roughly in line with the overall arrestee/suspect ratios for 2020,” Professor Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism, told The College Fix via email.

He said the breakdown for crime in the city is “about 80% Black and Latino for all crime, and around 90% for hate crime.”


Complete text linked here.

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