The Unspoken Reason California Politicians Want More Illegal Immigrants

How a larger noncitizen population boosts the power of the heavily Democratic state.

California politicians offered many reasons last week for praising a new law making it a “sanctuary state.”

Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the bill, said that in “uncertain times for undocumented citizens and their families,” the new law provides a “measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day.”

State Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León said at a news conference in Los Angeles that it would stop President Donald Trump from using state and local law enforcement officers to “tear families apart, undermine our safety, and wreak havoc on our economy.”

Left unsaid in the pronouncements related to economic concerns, compassion for the children, and the desire to resist Trump was a powerful incentive for politicians in immigrant-heavy states like California — noncitizens literally increase their political influence at the expense of other states.


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