Thanksgiving at the Nugent tribe

Ted Nugent expresses gratitude for founders, warriors, capitalism.

Thanksgiving is my being invited to write a retirement note to be read at Senior Chief Mark Dietrich’s retirement after serving 26 years in the U.S. Navy.

While my family and I are incredibly blessed and thankful for so much, we are especially thankful and grateful for the service of America’s warriors and their families who sacrifice so much to keep America free.

As America sits down to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Nugent tribe will bow our heads and give thanks for those warriors and their families who are giving so much and for those warriors who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and for their loved ones, who with broken hearts and shattered dreams must face life’s howling storms and somehow soldier on. May God bless them all.

Before dining on deer, duck and wild turkey, the Nugent tribe will also thank God Almighty for Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams and others who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to give birth to this unique experiment in self-government and individual liberty. Thanksgiving forever for the patriots who sacrificed everything for the chance at giving birth to liberty and freedom.

The Nugent family will give thanks to the volunteers at the soup kitchens, the food banks and the Salvation Army bell ringers. Blessed are those who serve the less fortunate. Thanksgiving is for the volunteers.


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