Testifying Before Congress, Mike Rowe Tells Lawmakers Hysterical Reason He’d Never Do a ‘Dirty Jobs’ Episode About Them (Video)

“It’s social anthropology … we want our kids to have something better we did … and that’s perfectly normal,” he said. “The question is, what is that? What does that even mean?”

Mike Rowe earned national recognition for sharing stories of hardworking Americans doing their dirty jobs.

And even though Americans clearly think Congress is dirty — polls gave the elected officials an approval rating in the single digits at the end of 2013 — when asked by one representative when viewers could expect to see a “Dirty Jobs” episode about a member of Congress, Rowe said he’d never do a show about it.

“With respect, some jobs are just too hideous to contemplate,” he said.

The blue collar-friendly television personality was invited to speak to the House Natural Resources Committee about the nationwide skills gap. While unemployment numbers still linger in the double digits, several technical industries are having a hard time recruiting enough employees.

“In all 50 states, everybody I talked to who owned a small business said … ‘the single biggest challenge we’re facing right now is finding people who are willing to retool, retrain, reboot and learn a truly useful skill from the ground up — and work, show up early, stay late and work.’”

Rowe continued “I know that sounds old school… but it really did become a recurring theme.”


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