Sue Elizabeth Warren, Sue Harvard Law by Dr. David Yeagley

It is amazing how non-legal, or illegal, “legal” minds can think. Warren is a flaming Democrat and “Communist” liberal–just what Harvard loves, and lately claims credit for the Occupy Wall Street movement (or at least the “intellectual foundations” thereof)!

Prof. Elizabeth Warren, of Harvard, famed claimant of great things, like the being Cherokee, and creating Occupy Wall Street. The taller the tale, the higher the status in the Democrat party–even if you get snubbed once in a while.

Where’s the American Indian Movement when you need them? Where’s the Southern Poverty Law Center? Where’s the American Civil Liberties Union? A woman (Prof. Elizabeth Warren) claims to be American Indian, and she isn’t. Harvard Law hired her, as an Indian, and boasted about her as a minority/female statistic. This is high level legal suit material! Is there an attorney, or a group of attorneys, honest enough to uphold the law–for the sake of upholding the law?

Nah. It’s never been so. The higher level the case, the more generally insincere the attorney. Why expect anything different now?

Elizabeth Warren, Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard School of Law, has a genealogist (Christopher Child) who claims now to have on hand a marriage certificate of Warren’s great-great-great grandmother (O. C. Sarah Smith) on which said ancestor designated herself “Cherokee.” But that doesn’t meet the standard of legal identity as an American Indian. First of all, the issue is whether or not she has an ancestor on the Dawes Commission rolls (of 1898-1914). If she does not, she is not legally Indian. The marriage certificate is irrelevant. Secondly, the marriage certificate (of obviously nearly pre-Civil War date) does not indicate blood quantum. It might be very small, in which case, Elizabeth may as well claim Eve as her ancestor.

Has Elizabeth Herring Warren every identified with American Indians before? Has she ever been involved with the Cherokee or Delaware tribe? She is from Oklahoma City. Oklahoma is the territory of these tribes today. What kind of relationship has she had with the Indian people here? Has she had any interest at all?


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