Snap out of your daze, Americans! by Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent exhorts those ‘comfortably numb in their daily indulgences’.

Wrapping up my 6,514th rock ‘n’ roll concert this year once again reaffirmed my clear understanding of the human psyche and spirit. Since the earliest days of touring, I took advantage of my nonstop travels to hang out with and communicate with working hard, playing hard American families at every stop who love killer rock ‘n’ roll soulmusic and share my adamant love of freedom, firearms, law and order and the conservation/hunting lifestyle.

I learned unequivocally that self-evident truth, logic and The American Way have always been common and sensible wherever I roamed.

But here we are in 2014, and one horrific suckerpunch of reality has pummeled us right between the eyes: that everything good about America is in a dire, suicidal tailspin into hell – and none of America’s ailments has anything to do with coincidence. The whole insane mess has been engineered by soulless bureaucrats who couldn’t give a damn about we the people or our sacred U.S. Constitution, but rather their own idiotic self-importance and power-mongering demonicy.

Only the guilty need feel guilty, but even those in our government who claim to side with us but have failed miserably at identifying this scourge and correcting it are just as guilty as the America-hating perpetrators on the left themselves. Bipartisan shame on you all.

Tragically, the ultimate guilt for America’s demise rests squarely on the shoulders of her citizens. So many otherwise good citizens who are more than aware of the failures and crimes of our elected officials but do very little if nothing to demand accountability are the worst offenders of all.


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