Sham Marriages and Population Replacement by Paul Weston

In a scarcely believable situation, Britain is allowing countless people into the country on the back of sham marriages carried out in Nigeria, Ghana and Brazil, where the Bulgarian, Lithuanian or Romanian spouse-to-be does not even have to attend the ceremony in order to wed the previously unseen love of their lives.

The population replacement of the native English continues in a relentless and remorseless fashion. Our ruling elites may or may not be happy about this, but rather than do anything about it they engage instead in the political art of catastrophe management. “No trouble on my watch!” seems to be their cowardly mantra, as they offload the ongoing racial disaster onto the shoulders of the young and yet to be born.

Do you remember ‘Conservative’ leader David Cameron pledging to limit immigration to the “tens of thousands” back in 2010? You might, but Cameron appears not to. Since his election, Britain has seen close to 500,000 immigrants per year settle in lovely, benefits bonanza Britain, and as high as that figure seems, there may be even more ‘hard working’ Somalis arriving in Milton Keynes than Cameron is prepared to admit to.

In one of those casual, ‘unimportant’ little asides, Tory Member of Parliament for Windsor Adam Afriyie has revealed that Britain’s immigration figures may be off the mark by around 250,000 over the course of this parliament, due to margin of error allowances made by the Office for National Statistics.


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